Signare Tapestry Blue Jane Austen Shopper



This gusset bag from Signare is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags. Perfect for your weekly shopping needs. Fantastic amount of storage for shopping, supermarket or grocery. Flat and easy to store (or to fold) in a handbag. Contains an inner slip pocket. Made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics.

Product size (cm): W 35 x H 37 x D 8

Weight: 0.25 kg


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Signare Tapestry Gusset shopper bag featuring a design on a pelisse coat said to belong to Jane Austen [one of the world’s most famous authors]. A Pelisse coat was a garment worn over a dress or gown which was fashionable during her lifetime.  Signare’s Jane Austen pattern, is an oak flower and leaves on a blue background. The oak leaf motif used here was a popular national symbol in Britain at a time.


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