Playful Puppies Signare Tapestry Tote Bag


Husky puppies, Maltese puppies, Shih Tzu puppies, Westie puppies – all types of puppies are wonderful, and if you love puppies, you definitely won’t be able to resist this delightful design featuring a riot of really cute puppies. Silhouetted on a black background, these multi-coloured, happy puppies jump, run and play, eager to get your attention. Which one is your favourite?

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Playful puppies this tapestry shoulder tote bag/college bag. Spacious and sturdy, ensures you’ll always travel in style. Fantastic amount of storage for all your essential items and bigger items like books, iPads and tablets. Double handle for easy carrying. Faux leather trim across the top of the bag. Zip fastening to keep things safely stowed away. Fully lined with a patterned nylon. Zip and sleeve pockets inside. Reinforced base for extra support. Made from Signare tapestry woven fabrics.

Product size (cm): W 33 x H 27 x D 15

Weight: 0.55 kg


Factory Manufactured


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