Doggie Vest Steampunk


Make your best friend the best dressed dog in town!

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Make Rover or Maisie stand out from the crowd (of dogs!) in this Larp Steampunk Doggie Vest. Blue cotton mix stripe fabric with faux tan leather trim. This LARP Doggie Vest (one of our collection of Live Action Role Play products). Great for a steampunk or medieval costume!


Colour: Navy Stripe with faux leather straps.
Size: Neck 35.56 cm.
Girth 58.42 cm.
Neck to tail 49.53 cm.

So what is Steampunk?

In the Steampunk Avenue blog it is described as the following:

Futuristic, yet retro at the same time, Steampunk is truly one-of-a-kind. The genre blends the aesthetic and technology of the 19th century with elements of science fiction. Its literary and audiovisual works take place in an alternate reality where technological progress is based not on electricity, but on the steam engine.

The original blog can be read here




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